From Masked Face to Embracing Faith

My transformation from Adversity to Personal Achievement:

Following a head on collision, and an eighteen month rehabilitation to gain the ability to walk again, I found myself filing for divorce after seventeen years of marriage, and three children. As I drove  from Texas to California, I can still remember looking in my review mirror and seeing the faces of my three children. I had our basic belongings, my last pay check as a Social Worker, and my faith in God.
I did not know at the time, that I would be a single mother for twelve years following the divorce. As I faced abandoment, economic hardship, parenting challenges, and unexpectant crises, I began to learn to turn to the Lord, and put my faith in Him.
This personal journey taught me many valuable lessons in my faith, and the ability to look at adversity as a necessary challenge to successfully navigate through life, and transform my adversities into personal achievement through God who strengthens me.   
I feel a calling from the Lord to come along side anyone who would benefit from the faith lessons I learned to achieve parenting three children as a single parent, completing four college degrees, maintaning a stable career, and a stronger walk in my faith with the Lord.
Call to schedule a counseling and combined coaching session to begin navigating through your personal journey.
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